Nursery Arc 2000 - Garderie

Located on "Ice skatig places" level 5, the nursery which accommodates the children from 18th month to 6 years completed is open
Sunday to Friday of 8.45 am with 12.00 am and 1.45 pm with 5.00 pm. Baby-sitting is possible between 12.00 am to 1.45 pm.
The cost will be 28 for the other by day.
Meal is take in hotel club.

The capacity of the nursery is 20 places, it is preferable to book in advance.

Saturdays are the weekly day of closing except for the inscriptions which are made
4.00 pm with 7.00 pm.

Please, go to the inscription with material to stand out and store.
in a marked bag
which can remain at the nursery

• an exchange (track suit, slipway, socks)

• slippers

• layers for young people, little towels,

• all that can be essential to your child, without forgetting the DOUDOU.
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