Rules of procedure

1. Management

Association Garderie 2000 is an establishment with associative management of law 1901 (non lucrative goal). Any relative wishing the admission of his child will have to adhere to association each year.
The purpose of the Nursery is to accommodate the 12 month old children to 6 years with a priority with the children in stay at the station (holiday makers).
The time of activity of the Nursery is seasonal worker of mid-December at the end of April. The Nursery has a capacity of reception of 25 children. It functions of Sunday at Friday of 8h45 with 12h and of 13h45 with 17h and an additional mode of guard on reservation the day before proposes, during the closing of midday.
The Nursery saturdays are closed. However, a permanence is open for the inscriptions of 16h with 19h (20h in holidays).

2. Formalities of admission

As far as possible, it is desirable that the parents pre-register to them (S) child (S) before their stay and that they come to enclose the inscription Saturdays of 16h with 19h preferably; in order to prepare the reception, formalities of admission and the payment. However we strongly recommend to the parents to speak about the organization about their stay with your or your child (S) in order to avoid disappointments.
At the time of the inscription, we fill out a card on which is mentioned various information: date from the stay, the marital status, the address, the residence of the stay and number, a heading health (allergy, up to date vaccinations, observation), the level of ski, the formula chosen, the mode of payment and an authorization in the event of serious accident or of disease.
Health record (red book) must be presented the day of the inscription in order to check if the child is vaccinated of DT Polio.
This file of inscription must be duly filled by the personnel and the parents the day before or the first day of presence of the child.

3. The equipe

Clare STALKER (Infirmière) and Elena GENDRE
CH RAYNAUD, Orthoptiste
in a marked bag
which can remain at the nursery

• an exchange (track suit, slipway, socks)

• slippers

• layers for young people, little towels,

• all that can be essential to your child, without forgetting the DOUDOU.
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